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Entry #2

Dead or Alive?

2014-03-16 17:57:06 by Tachyoon


I have had some intersting game in the meanwhile. It is called 'real life'. I quitted my job, got another one, quitted that one after juSt 3 years as well and founded my own company. That founding was almost three years ago.

During that certain game I did the right decisions. I believe.

I am quite certain I will not have any time the next six months but... would you enjoy another update or sequell of Catgirl Planet? If yes, I would like to hear out your opinion: What shall I improve most at that game? Just graphics? More Catgirls? Or anything else?

Well whatever: Thank you for putting up with me and thank you for more than 1 million calls.


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2014-03-16 20:05:24

so, how did you start a company?


2014-03-30 02:14:11

We need boobs.
Big boobs.
Catgirl boobs.


2014-04-04 22:30:04

Adding animations (If you had the time for that, of course). More storyline and character interactions. The skill level up wasvery good from the original. Maybe start off this sequel in a different time period from the first game.

Thanks for getting back to the Newgrounds community, by the way. Many of us loved your original game and are happy to hear from you again. I understand the busy, crazy reality out there. I wish you much more success in your company and career, as well as your games here!


2014-04-23 17:24:40

I just love coming back to Newgrounds after so many years of not giving it a single tought and find that some of mye most favourite games artists is still... alive... I really liked your sim game and would love to see more development go into it. For what I would like to see is:
-Improved grapichs
-Improve the current catgirls with more options and events
-General/Random Events both of adult content and not
-More areas example a moon (You do have a space ship...)
-New Game + (Start out with different bonuses or unlock more girls and/or areas)

Hope you don't let the game "rest" for too long.


2014-06-14 04:22:41

At least 3 seperate choices, improved plot/story lines, rudimentary questing etc etc
Random events would be interesting


2014-10-11 02:27:11

I do have a few suggestions:
More catgirls
More training options and maybe need multiple stats. Cause Srsly if you just start the game with max vitality, raise it up to about 500 and then raise all other stats to above par level focusing mostly on strength so you can mine antiques then you can easily beat the game in less than 10 minutes. It's better to have more to it.
Also improved graphics. I like that this game have original characters and not just stock photos but maybe hire an artist or something to make the characters more fleshed out.
Apart from that just more of a story to it and I'm good.


2015-08-23 07:38:02

Really like Catgirlplanet! Agree with some other comments; improve graphics, more of a story line and a longer gameplay (so you can't beat the game within 10 min).


2015-09-30 15:21:14

hmmm a sequel or a update tbh I rather see both but since it's hard to do that since you are improve on the game graphic add a more catgirls but also hidden events would be a nice touch..but this is just my opinion I'll enjoy anyways^^