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Dead or Alive?

2014-03-16 17:57:06 by Tachyoon


I have had some intersting game in the meanwhile. It is called 'real life'. I quitted my job, got another one, quitted that one after juSt 3 years as well and founded my own company. That founding was almost three years ago.

During that certain game I did the right decisions. I believe.

I am quite certain I will not have any time the next six months but... would you enjoy another update or sequell of Catgirl Planet? If yes, I would like to hear out your opinion: What shall I improve most at that game? Just graphics? More Catgirls? Or anything else?

Well whatever: Thank you for putting up with me and thank you for more than 1 million calls.

Next Update of Catgirl Planet

2007-07-19 12:18:18 by Tachyoon

I am working at two new games. But it will take some time. I have less free time now.